State of The Art Glass Tinting for Your Sydney Office

Glass tinting can be a great feature in any space, but perhaps especially in open office spaces with plenty of windows both between rooms and to the outdoors. If you’d like to add some privacy, shield your employees and customers from UV beams, or give your window glass some more personality, window glass tinting is the perfect solution for you.

Custom Glass Tinting works with office managers and building owners in Alexander and across Sydney, helping them source a high-quality tinting solution that’ll stay crisp for years to come. Call us today on 0418 291 423 to discuss window tinting options for your office and receive a quote on the job.


The transformative powers of window tinting

A clear-glass window lets in light, but also leaves an office exposed to passer-by eyes. Equally, in an office with ample glass walls, seeing co-workers or clients through the glass may distract and give a sense of unease. Window tinting allows for the best of both worlds, by still giving off the light, open feeling that windows bring, while providing a privacy near that of a wall.

Whether you want a plain window frosting to protect your office from passer-by eyes, or you’d like to invest in custom designed patterns and shades to better suit your office, we can help. A well-placed window frosting business logo can give your office a look of respectability, as well as providing an extra advertisement opportunity. If you know exactly what you want or want to discuss your ideas with us – feel free to call us on 0418 291 423. if you’d like to browse to get inspired, feel free to look through our gallery of passed work.


Window tinting, anti-graffiti and more

Not only do we provide on-time, on-budget window tinting services to offices in Alexander and across Sydney, but we also help homes and businesses prevent graffiti from bringing down the curb appeal of their property, and harmful UV rays from shining through their window panes. With more than two decades of industry experience, Custom Window Tinting is renowned for the quality of work, customer service, and unbeatable prices. Call us or email us to learn how your office could benefit from glass frosting.