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Custom Window Tinting Made Easy For Sydney

  1. Independent of all window film distributors
  2. 22 years of experience in the industry
  3. I do all my own work. No subcontractors.
  4. Free quotations

Independent of all window film distributors

Many window tinting company's are tied contractually to a particular film manufacturer/ distributor. This may be an advantage for the window tinting company at the expense of their customers. IE Paying too much or not getting access to some of the latest film technology.


Based in Rozelle, I’m proud to offer my services to homes and businesses across Sydney from Silverwater to North Ryde and Chatswood, ensuring that more people in more places can get the help they need.


22 years of experience in the industry

After many years installing window film I am aware of the limitations of some product and take great care in recommending the right film to achieve the clients objectives, whilst being conscious of glass safety and durability. Whether I’m installing frosted window film in offices or helping to make family day cares safer with safety glass, expect a superior quality service.


I do all my own glass tinting work. No subcontractors.

In doing my own installations, I am very aware that if I am not happy with a job then it is quite possible the client will not be happy either.

An old saying: you are only as good as your last job, don't let that one let you down.


Free quotations For All Sydney Customers

Many clients know what they want to achieve, but not necessarily the best and most cost effective way to reach that conclusion.

Straight talking and honest advise are paramount in clients making informed decisions. Discuss your goals with me today – from glass frosting to anti-graffiti film, I’m ready and willing to help you get the possible result for your project.